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Sensaphone Alarms - To protect your home and/or business! When protecting a greenhouse, computer room, property, or even inventory it has never been easier with Sensaphone. When purchased “Out of the box” the Sensaphone will detect power failures, temperature extremes, and loud noises such as smoke, and intrusions. Included are four (4) versatile inputs that water, smoke, humidity, and many other sensors can be connected to. Sensaphone will alert the user right away if a problem is detected. The built-in voice dialer will contact the user and let them know in a clear voice that a problem is imminent. Models will vary in inputs from 4 to 8. Dialed numbers though will vary from 4 to 32. The default language for Sensaphone is English. Sensaphone can also be contacted by the user’s phone in order to be informed of temperature conditions, or even to “listen in” to the room. For businesses, property owners, computer rooms, remote buildings, greenhouses, livestock owners and more, a Sensaphone offers an easy, inexpensive way to help prevent disasters and expensive losses. It doesn’t matter what application the user is tracking whether its, monitoring temperature, humidity levels, unauthorized entry, water seepage, power or HVAC system failure, the Sensaphone unit keeps track 24/7. The Sensaphone 400 model provides 4 alarm inputs and 4 phone numbers. The Sensaphone 800 model provides 8 alarm inputs and 8 phone numbers. Both models are flexible with programming and reliable monitoring at an affordable price. An integrated keypad is a nice little add-on if you need to keep track of vital environments. Touch tone or pulse dialing is how the Sensaphone 400 and 800 work to make installation very easy. Be sure to place the unit on any dry surface and wire the sensors to the unit. 1. Wall Mountable 2. Includes non-volatile memory 3. 24 hour battery *REMEMBER, DO NOT plug the power supply in until the wiring is done, there can be a potential to overload the circuit board*
Sensaphone Alarms - To protect your home and/or business!
Sensaphone for Second Homes and Cottages The Sensaphone 400 Cottage Sitter is by far the most popular device for people tracking and monitoring their second home. Temperature or other environmental situations are able to be monitored. Four inputs are present “out of the box” with the Sensaphone FGD400 which will monitor and dial back to 4 phone numbers. Also, four separate conditions are able to be tracked with the Sensaphone 400. They are: Temperature, Water, Leaks, and Motion. Power outages are another nice benefit to the Sensaphone 400 which will alarm the user if the proper condition is met. When an alarm is sounded in a zone, or the power is off the Sensaphone 400/800 will begin its alarm and dial out to the user. Four (4) different phone numbers will be able to be used for dialing purposes. It will continue to call until it receives an alarm acknowledgement from a recipient. Sensaphone for Server Rooms IMS 1000 and IMS 4000 are rack mountable monitors for server rooms. Sensaphone IMS Sensors are in combination with RJ45 (Ethernet) to monitor the entire server room for temperature alarms, water leaks and power outages. Eight (8) sensors are able to be used in the environment that the IMS1000 is in. The Sensaphone IMS units have a built in web server that will allow the user to manage, edit, and review all the changes/information that the user inputs. Completely Remote, not even power? The Sensaphone SAT4D is a remote monitoring system that works in remote areas where no land lines are available. When using the SAT4D the user is virtually covered in all areas that support satellite technology. Sensaphone has a managed server that the unit always dials back to where you can receive updates, and data logging automatically. The SAT4D also comes with a 5 year battery.
Sensaphone for Locations without Land Lines The Sensaphone Web 600 is a web based alarm monitor. This alarm has 6 inputs and can email or text message the user when an alarm condition is met. Sensaphone for Greenhouse When integrating a Sensaphone 1400 alarm dialer, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Real time status is a very important aspect to monitoring a system for failures. Real time status is provided in full by Sensaphone with their FGD1400 product. The unit monitors four (4) different environments. Eight (8) phone numbers are also able to be dialed. The Sensaphone 1400 is cased in a NEMA4X. What is a NEMA4X? NEMA4X is an enclosure that houses the Sensaphone 1400. It will prevent against a number of different damages that can be caused by weather. Splashing Water, Corrosion, Leaks, Wind and External physical contact, are just some of the things that the NEMA4X can prevent against. Is Cellular Service Available? Trying to dial to an alarm dialer and there are no land lines present? That is no problem for the Sensaphone Cell682. This unit connects to the ever growing cellular network, and allows the user to dial from their cell phone. The Cell682 can notify up to 24 people through text, phone call, or email. The unit is also enclosed in a NEMA4X enclosure. 6 Analog Inputs 8 Dry Contact Inputs 2 Relay Outputs - Alarm Notification